Paragliding Courses

Training Tandem Flight

  • Discovery tandem flight: $200
  • SPECIAL* Bring a Mate and get free photos/video for both of you (limited time only and only on booking).

Come along and learn to fly with an instructor with our special training tandem flights. Learn the basics about the sport of paragliding all in one amazing flight!

PG Intro Course: 

  • Introductory day: $300

Cloudbase offers an introduction course which gives you the skills to fly by yourself under radio instruction from an instructor at takeoff and another at landing. Before flying students practice ground training: take-off, steering and landing . Once proficient with ground training students commence with flying with low level flights from our training hill and then with a flight from our top launch or a Discovery Tandem Flight if the wind is too strong. All equipment supplied. Minimum course number: 2

PG1 Course 

  • PG1: $480 after introductory day

The PG1 (student licence) course follows the PG Intro course (required) and has a minimum requirement of 4 high flights under instruction from an instructor at the takeoff and another at landing. At the end of the course students are expected to be proficient at paraglider wing inflation, check (and correct), take off (or abort), establish easy transition from takeoff to flying, smooth flight turns and safe landings on their feet. There is additional theory which covers basic aerodynamics, suitable flying conditions and essential information about the equipment used. The PG1 student licence is a required step towards a PG2 solo licence. All equipment supplied. Minimum course number: 2

PG2 Course

The PG2 course (solo licence) follows the PG1 course (required) and is designed for students who wish to complete their private pilot licence. Obtaining this licence allows pilots to fly for themselves. In order to be issued a PG2 licence students need to demonstrate a wide range of practical paragliding skills and achieve a level of theoretical knowledge assessed through an exam towards the end of the course. Below is a brief summary of skills covered in the course.

Launching/Takeoff Skills : wing inflation and take-off/landing techniques

Flying Skills: descent and steering techniques, completion of a minimum of 40 flights in total* (Intro and PG1 flights included) from at least 4 different flying sites. (*with normal training progression)

Theoretical Skills: aerodynamics, meteorology, equipment and flying skills

Additional Information for PG2 Course

  • Students are encouraged to have their own equipment for this course. Buy a wing/harness/reserve package to begin with and save $500.
  • The PG2 course is run as either a 9-Day Block course or as an Extended course (days when you are available). Block courses generally start with two or more students.
  • The PG2 course assumes normal training progression. It may be that some students need additional flights in order to achieve the standards required.
  • Both PG1 and PG2 licences are issued by the national NZHGPA under the authorization of Civil Aviation Authority. As such students must have a student membership during training ($25) and full membership upon issue of the PG2 licence. Visit for more information.
  • Special Note
  • **Cloudbase supplies a free 6-month aftercare for PG2 students who feel they need to brush up on their flying skills.**

How much does the PG2 course cost?

  • 9-Day Block training course: $1820. *Buy a new wing/harness/reserve package to begin with and save $500, starting from $4950 (normally $5450)*.
  • Extended training course  $2000.The extended course cost takes into consideration the extra training required over a longer period. *Buy a new wing/harness/reserve package to begin with and save $500, starting from $4950 (normally $5450)